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Polymer thin film coating process



Statut des brevets

French patent applicaton FR0852408 filed on October 4th, 2008 entitled : “Recouvrement de substrat par film polymère, stable en environnement liquide.”


Maryline CLAUZEL

Statut commercial

Research agreement or exclusive or non exclusive licenses


Institut Charles SADRON, (UPR 022), a CNRS laboratory,Strasbourg, France,



This invention describes a process to coat a substrate by a polymer film, stable in humid environment or when immersed in an aqueous solution. This universal process is applicable to any kind of polymer (natural or synthetic, reticulated, branched, star-shaped, copolymers, non-charged polymers or polyelectrolytes, fluoropolymers…) and any substrate (metallic, mineral, organic, ceramics, inorganic and organic composites) of any shape (flat, polyhedra, platelets, wafers, rings, curved and saddle-shaped, hollow tubes, rods, and cylinders) with any kind of interface (smooth, rough, porous, amorphous or crystalline, regular or irregular structures).


The process allows to obtain stable thin films adhering to the substrate even in a humid atmosphere or when immersed in an aqueous solution in a static or in a flow of the solvent. In addtion coating can be made whatever the topology of the surface is. As the process does not modify the chemistry of the material, the functionality of the coated-polymer film can be addressed and kept. The process can coat either the whole substrate surface or can build patterns of spatially and structural controlled patches with different physicochemical or/and functional properties as found in offset printing and lab-on-a-chips.


This technique can be used in numerous domains such as anti corrosion coating, painting, bactericidal treatment, optical systems, electronics, solar energy, surface modification of polymer, multilayer polyelectrolyte systems, adhesion, bonding, offset printing, Lab-on-a-chip, chemical sensor manufacturing.

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Les brevets les plus récents