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Multi-frequency wire-plate antenna



Statut des brevets

French patent application FR 01 07940 filed on June 18th, 2001


Bernard JECKO

Statut commercial

Licence Collaborative


Laboratory XLIM, CNRS



The aim of this invention is desirable to have an antenna that is still more easily configurable, at its construction stage, in accordance with the multiband, multifunction behavior desired.

Main Claim (1)
A wire-plate antenna of the type comprising: a first electrically-conductive surface (120); a second electrically-conductive surface (140), forming a ground plane, parallel to the first surface; a first electrically-conductive feed wire or strip (150) connecting a first terminal of a generator/receiver to the first surface (120); the second surface (140) being connected to a second terminal of the generator/receiver; and at least one second electrically-conductive wire or strip (160) connecting the two abovementioned surfaces (120, 140), characterized in that the first surface (120) has a cutout-slot (122), or a series of cutout-slots (122), each cutout-slot being formed, possibly, of mutually extending sections, this (or these) cutout-slot(s) (122) stretching to near and along an edge part of this first surface (120), this edge part being sufficiently extensive in order that the cutout-slot(s) (122) defines an inner region (126) of the first surface (120) by substantially forming most of the periphery of this region (126), thereby achieving a multi-frequency operation.


  • Multiband antenna
    Easily configurable
    Small size antenna (similar to classical wire-plate antenna)
    Low cost
    Dual band antenna
    Arrays applications


  • Mobile telephony (GSM, DCS, DECT,…)
    Indoor applications


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Les brevets les plus récents