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Large size and high quality graphene on silicium



Statut des brevets

Priority patent application FR11 58818 filed on septembre 30, 2011 and entitled “Procédé de formation d’une couche de graphène à la surface d’un substrat comprenant une couche de silicium”

 PCT EP2012069232 filed on September 28th, 2012



Statut commercial

Exclusive or not exclusive, Research collaboration


Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures -LPN, UPR 20, Marcoussis, France.



Due to its electronical properties graphene is largely studied. The dificulty remains however to produce a controled graphene layer. Different ways have been proposed up to now and two production routes are considered at the present time. The first one consists in exfoliation of graphite with an adhesive tape as far as the material is multilayered but this method can not be exploited on an industrial scale. The second process consists in warming up a SiC substrate so that the silicum evaporate and the graphene is formed. The problem encountered with said process is the non uniformity of the graphene thickness as the carbone layer may be formed of graphene in some areas but of multilayers of graphite in other areas without possibility to control the arrangement of such areas on the subtrate. Large areas of real graphene are impossible to produce.


This invention solves the problems described above by a simple process. This process consits in growing a SiC layer on a silicium substrate and then warm the substrate to evaporate the silicium. Graphene layer grows then on said substrate and  expand laterlally giving an homogeneous and large surface of graphene.


Control of the thickness of graphene formed
Large areas of graphene


NEMS, MEMS, sensors

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Les brevets les plus récents