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Complexes of lanthanides or of transition metals as luminescent probes for biological labeling and imaging



Statut des brevets

Priority patent application n° FR 11 58433 filed on October 12, 2011, entitled “Sondes luminescentes pour le marquage biologique et l’imagerie, et leur procédé de préparation”


Mathieu STARCK
Alexandra SUTTER

Statut commercial

Exclusive or non-exclusive license



Lanthanide ion complexes have very particular spectroscopic properties that allow applications in the field of the detection by luminescence. Luminescent lanthanide ion complexes have applications in the majority of the fields of conventional fluorescence. However, lanthanide ion complexes are generally difficult to obtain. Many properties of the complex are dependent on the structure of the ligand and of the lanthanide ion, especially the excitation efficacy of the complex, the degree of stability of the lanthanide complexation in competitive chemical medium and in serum medium (which must be high to prevent release of the cations), the quantum luminescence yield and the possibility of forming covalent bonds with the material to be labeled for the biological applications of the complexes.


This invention concerns novel organic compounds which may be used as ligands for preparing water-soluble complexes of lanthanides or of certain transition metals, a method for preparing the same, and the use thereof as fluorescent probes.


These compounds have important advantages as ligands for lanthanide complexes :

  • Improved solubility in water and in biological media
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Excellent luminescence properties
  • Very long lifetimes


This innovation could be used for:

  • Fluorescence imaging (time-resolved biomedical and biological analysis)
  • Labeling, objects traceability or authentication, anti-counterfeit and security labeling

For further information, please contact us (Ref 04040-02)

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