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  • Johanna Michielin General Direction
  • Frédéric Mougel Scientific Direction
  • Benjamin Camescasse Transfer and Licensing Direction
  • Camille Foussal Scientific and Competitive Intelligence Direction
  • Isabelle Galipaud Administrative and Financial Direction
  • Albane Le Chevalier Contracts and Invesments Management Direction
  • Catherine Mialonier Legal and Intellectual Property Direction

Start-up Mission

  • Jules Meunier Head of Start-up program
  • Thomas Ribeiro Start-up manager

Transfer and Licensing Department

  • Benjamin Camescasse Director
  • Sylvie Cantet-Seguin Head of "Life Sciences" service / Manager
  • Corinne Monnier Head of "Material Sciences and Engineering" service / Manager
  • Giovanni Altamurra "Material Sciences and Engineering" Manager
  • Dhafira Benzegoutta "Material Sciences and Engineering" Manager
  • Tiphaine Bourgeteau "Material Sciences and Engineering" Manager
  • Caroline Greverie "Material Sciences and Engineering" Manager
  • Sandrine Guerreiro "Material Sciences and Engineering" Manager
  • Samia Halloui Transfer and Licensing Assitant
  • Emmanuelle Le Coz Head of "Life Sciences" service / Manager
  • Valentin Millet "Material Sciences and Engineering" Manager
  • Benjamin Morlon "Life Sciences" Manager
  • Stephane Mottola "Life Sciences" Manager
  • Jean-Marc Schmittbiel "Material Sciences and Engineering" Manager
  • Brahim Sennane "Life Sciences" Manager
  • Philippe Smelty "Life Sciences" Manager
  • Clotilde Valide "Life Sciences" Manager

Scientific and Competitive Intelligence Department

  • Camille Foussal Director
  • Héloïse Beutier Scientific information analyst - "Life Sciences"
  • Sophie Gojon Scientific information analyst - "Material Sciences and Engineering"
  • Ha-vy Paugam Scientific information analyst - "Life Sciences"
  • Philippe Petit Scientific information analyst - "Material Sciences and Engineering"
  • Clarisse Thibault Scientific information analyst - "Life Sciences"

Administratif et Financial Department

  • Isabelle Galipaud Director
  • Karine Castellon Human Ressources Assitant
  • Harvey Mingui Office Manager

Contract and Investments Department

  • Albane Le Chevalier Director
  • Romain Barberaud Contract manager assistant
  • Claire Desvignes Contracts and Investments Manager
  • Corentin Penven Contracts and Investments Manager

Legal and Intellectual Property Department

  • Catherine Mialonier Director
  • Claude Treuil Head of Intellectual Property service / Intellectual Property Manager / European Patent Attorney
  • Laure Berthier Lawyer
  • Daniela Brebion Intellectual Property Assistant
  • Armand Deliège Lawyer
  • Héloïse Doucet Intellectual Property Manager
  • Sabrina Ong Intellectual Property Assistant
  • Isabelle Pegawagnaba Lawyer
  • Cécile Resmond Intellectual Property Assistant
  • Avram Roux Intellectual Property Assistant
  • Nathalie Smyth Intellectual Property Assistant
  • Léa THOUET Intellectual Property Assistant

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