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Nanoflux software: advanced tool for the prediction and scaling-up of nanofiltration processes



Statut des brevets

Filed at the Agence Pour la Protection des Programmes on May 3rd, 2001 under number IDDN FR 001.180013.00.S.P.2001.000.30625 entitled « Nanoflux: simulation industrielle du transfert membranaire en nanofiltration ». NANOFLUX Version 2 is currently being protected


Patrice DAVID

Statut commercial

Non-exclusive licences


European Membrane Institute (CNRS, National Chemistry School of Montpellier, University of Montpellier II), France.



NanoFlux is a user-friendly computer program for the modeling and simulation of nanofiltration membrane transfer (and in some cases, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration). Starting from standard feed input data, NanoFlux allows one to calculate all the necessary nanofiltration process output (ionic and molecular rejection, or passages, fluxes,…) from the level of a single membrane element up to that of multi-stage/multi-module plants.


* Quick simulation results thanks to powerful computational algorithms.
* Internal database containing all the principal commercial membranes.
* Ergonomic, equipped with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.
* Tested and validated using real case studies.
* Periodic up-dates follow market evolution.


NanoFlux is a powerful aid in decision-making and innovation when it comes to economically choosing the right membrane and optimizing nanofiltration processes.

NanoFlux allows one to minimize significantly difficult and costly pilot studies, thereby reducing the total cost and time needed to choose the appropriate membrane and to scale-up and operate nanofiltration plants.

Partner search:

The CNRS is looking for industrial partners (membrane manufacturers, engineering and consulting firms, equipment providers,…) to develop and commercialize this innovative simulation tool within the framework of user-licenses.


The membrane technology market has entered a new era where the key to success is to reconcile, in a cost effective way, high performance, flexibility, and proactivity. NanoFlux can provide immediate solutions for companies in this high growth sector for all areas of applications:
– water treatment
– agronomy
– petrochemistry and energy
– automobile industry
– pharmaceutical Industry
– cosmetics and fine chemical industry,…

For further information, please contact us (Ref 84898-01)


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