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A monoclonal antibody targeting the microenvironment with potential anti-tumoral activity



Statut des brevets

European patent application EP 08305975.8 filed on December 18, 2008 and entitled “Adhesio-mAb : un candidat médicament pour bloquer l’invasion tumorale“



Cancer is the second mortality cause in developed countries with colorectal and breast cancers causing high rate of mortality. Approximately 90% of all cancer deaths arise from the metastatic spread of primary tumors. Of all the processes involved in carcinogenesis, local invasion and the formation of metastases are clinically the most relevant, but they are the least well understood at the molecular level. During progression from tumor growth to metastasis, cellular invasive and migratory behavior is governed at both extracellular and intracellular levels and depends on the carefully balanced dynamic interaction of the cell with its extracellular matrix.


The inventor’s research interest is focused on molecular mechanisms involved in interactions between carcinoma cells and their micro-environmental proteins such as laminins. They have raised mouse monoclonal antibodies against a recombinantly expressed domain of the laminin epithelial variant (so-called laminin 5 or laminin 332). One of these antibodies, named adhesio-mAb, has shown clear function blocking properties and has been patented by CNRS. Adhesio-mAb has the ability to block specifically an interaction of carcinoma cells with laminin 332 and inhibits their migration and growth. Preliminary pre-clinical studies in mice show that adhesio-mAb has the ability to inhibit the growth of tumors.


Compared to other anti-cancer agents, adhesio-mAb presents many advantages:

  • Innovative target for cancer treatment
  • It has a different mode of action than current anti-cancer drugs (open the drug cancer research field to cellular micro-environmental targets)
  • May represent alternative cancer treatments with increased specificity for tumor cells and thus decreased adverse effects which might be used in alone or in combination with chemotherapy
  • Pre-clinical tests in mice are in process (colon carcinoma and breast).


Adhesio-mAb may represent alternative cancer treatment, with increased specificity for tumor cells and thus decreased adverse effects, which might be used alone or in combination with chemotherapy.

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