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Iron doped V2O5 thin layers




Thin layer, Iron

Statut des brevets

Priority patent application US61/012942 filed in December 12nd 2007 entitled « Couches minces de V2O5 dopé au fer présentant une forte capacité »


Astrid FUESS

Statut commercial

Research agreement, exclusive or non exclusive licenses


Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée, UPR 9048, Bordeaux, France,



In order to be able to feed micro-electronics circuits for long periods, it is necessary to increase the density of energy of the microbatteries and consequently their capacity.

Many studies are therefore currently carried out on thin layer positive electrode materials.

Vanadium(V) oxide (V[2]O[5]), and more generally oxides of transition metals having a lamellar structure, arouse intensive research works, since they are more promising than the sulphides because of their greater chemical stability, higher potentials as compared to the Li/Li+ redox cell and larger discharge capacities.

There is still a need for thin layers positive electrodes for use in microbatteries presenting an improved behaviour in cycling. 


The invention relates to an iron-doped vanadium oxide (FeyV2O5), the process of preparation thereof and to thin layers of positive electrode comprising iron-doped vanadium oxide having a strong capacity and potentially usable in all-solid-state lithium microbatteries. The invention also relates to the preparation process of said thin layers by cathode pulverization method.

In the present invention, the known cathode pulverization method has been improved and comprises the step of carrying out a simultaneous pulverization starting from two different targets in one pulverisation chamber ( a first Vanadium-containing-target (the V-target) and a second Iron-containing target (the Fe-target).


This invention could be used to develop all solid state lithium microbatteries. This invention opens up the possibility to improve behavior in cycling as compared to vanadium oxide.

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