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Electronic component with integrated encapsulation



Statut des brevets

French priority patent application FR0855122 filed on July 27, 2008 and entitled “Composants electroniques a encapsulation intégrée”


Bernard RATIER
Jean Michel NUNZI

Statut commercial

Exclusive or non-exclusive license


XLIM (UMR7252), Limoges, France.



Organic electronic components are currently always more widely used because of their advantages in terms of costs, production output and flexibility. Among these organic electronic component LEDS and organic solar cells represent a large part. One of key point in their development is the life time as active materials are sensitive to oxygen and water vapor and must be protected.


The present invention relates to an electronic component of specific design : it includes a substrate, an active layer placed between two electrodes one of them in contact with the substrate and designed such as the active layer  covers the first electrode to isolate it  from the second electrode and said second electrode  covers the active layer. Finally the first electrode and the active layer are protected from the exterior medium. The electrical contact consists in a finger coming out from the sandwich active layer/second electrode and is covered by the active layer. Thus the active layer is directly obtained by one of the electrode and there is no need for any further encapsulation.
Such geometry can easily be printed, process compatible with organic electronic.


No external encapsulation, the active layer is inherently protected by the design of the component.
Substrate may be made of plastic or glass and the layer and electrodes made of semiconductor, metal, ITO…


Organic electronic : solar cells, OLED
Such design is under test in organic PV cells

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