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Disclosure of CNRS Patent Properties

CNRS, acting on its behalf and on behalf of other French research organizations funded by the French Government, is managing certain patents which may be relevant to one or more proposals submitted to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization process (the “Patents”).

CNRS is committed to enabling a broad development of efficient solutions based on this upcoming standard. CNRS is also determined to provide fair and reasonable compensation to the research organizations that contributed to the Patents. Such compensation is dedicated to be reallocated to public research laboratories in order to continue their fundamental research programs.

Should a standard be adopted by NIST as a result of the Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization process (the “Standard”), and should any claims of the aforementioned Patents be declared to be essential and necessary for the implementation of the Standard, then any party would have the right to use such Patent claims to implement and fully comply with the Standard, according to the following terms:

  • CNRS will grant royalty-bearing licenses under the Patents to any party making a commercial use of the Standard to make, sell, use, import, or offer for sale the products and services listed in the table below (the “Licensed Products”). Such license agreements will be granted under transparent, royalty-bearing fair, reasonable, non-discriminatory terms (“FRAND terms”).

The royalty rates are :

Licensed Product Definition Royalty rate
Dedicated Hardware Products Dedicated physical computing end user devices that safeguard (i.e. securely store) and manage cryptographic keys and provide cryptographic processing (“Hardware Products”)

Hardware Products are ready for use products (even if a battery or the like needs to be added for use) and can be directly used by an end user (an end user can be an entity or a person).

Non-exhaustive examples: hardware security modules (HSM), cryptographic security modules

•  1% of the revenues from sales or lease of Hardware Products implementing the Standard
Key Management Services Services for managing cryptographic keys, including key generation, key exchange, storage and replacement of keys (“KMS”)

Non-exhaustive examples: Cloud-based key management services, key management as a service

•  1% of the revenues from KMS involving the Standard. This includes for example using the Standard to securely communicate data and keys with the client of the KMS


  • For the sake of clarity, CNRS will not assert any of the Patents against any party making a commercial use of the Standard to make, sell, use, import, or offer for sale products and services which are not Licensed Products. It is also understood that this document is not intended to present the full terms and conditions of the license agreements, but to set force only its financial conditions.   
  • CNRS will not assert any of the Patents against any party for making a non-commercial use of the Standard. Non-commercial use shall include academic research, learning and non-revenue generating services and products.

In the case of Licensed Products, discussions between CNRS and the licensees might lead to adjustments in the royalty payment modalities such as, but not limited to, lump sum payments based on the licensee’s revenue forecast from the sales or lease of Licensed Products.


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CNRS Innovation will be present at MedFit 2018

CNRS Innovation will be present with INSERM Transfert in MedFit 2018 which will take place in Strasbourg from 26 to 27 June 2018.

With 600 international participants from 20+ countries, MedFIT is the first European business convention dedicated to innovation partnerships in the fields of medical technologies and diagnostics and also the European marketplace for investment in these sectors. MedFIT is the place-to-be to identify innovative products and technologies, to build R&D, licensing or financial partnerships, but also to facilitate market access for innovations as it brings together industry leaders and innovative medtech and diagnotics start-ups, TTOs and academic institutions as well as R&D services companies and investors.


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    CNRS Innovation has been supporting us from the start, initially through a direct investment in our company and since then on a wide number of topics, from IP management to fundrasing efforts. Furthermore, they managed to adapt their processes to the specific start-up pace of work, making them the ideal partners to interact with the academic community.

    Geoffroy Lerosey

    CSO of Greenerwave

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    CNRS Innovation has been a partner of the International Innovation Fair Cosmectic 360 since its creation in 2005. In this context, the IP and Licensing managers of CNRS Innovation have been giving talks to present their skills in IP and Innovation management.

    Christophe MASSON,

    Deputy CEO de Cosmetic Valley

  • We collaborate with Start-up

    Since the foundation of Cardiawave, CNRS Innovation has always been a responsive and receptive partner. We have benefited from its experience and skills in IP management and technology transfer to validate our IP strategy.

    Benjamin Bertrand

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