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Waveguide arrays to deflect a light beam



Statut des brevets

French patent application FR0754872 filed on May 4th, 2007


Jean-Marie MOISON
Christophe MINOT

Statut commercial

Exclusive or non-exclusive licence Collaborative research


Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures, a CNRS laboratory (UPR 20) in Marcoussis, France.



The invention relates to the field of coupled waveguide arrays and, more specifically, to waveguide arrays comprising several coupled waveguides approximately parallel and oriented in the guiding direction. All the waveguides comprise a first area composed of coupled waveguides according to a first coupling coefficient.
The invention concerns the domain of integrated optics and photonic integrated circuits. A new way to make use of waveguide coupling allows for control, deviation, focusing and routing of optical beams formed in waveguide arrays. The approach gives rise to both passive and active devices, all-optical in principle but possibly controllable by any external parameter.


Easy and extended control of optical beam direction, divergence and power density near the surface of a dielectric material, where all-optical functionalities can be implemented almost like in free space thanks to simple masking techniques over waveguide arrays.


Guided optics and elecro-optic or all-optical processing of the optical signal.

Simulation of the gaussian beam focussing on around 2 waveguides

Waveguide array heterostructure on InP

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Les brevets les plus récents