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Transgenic geminivirus resistant plants




Microfluidic, Sticker

Statut des brevets

French patent application FR0606457 filed on July 7th, 2006 entitled: “Fabrication de dispositifs microfluidiques polymériques par impression photo- et/ou thermo-assistée”


Vincent STUDER
Guillaume DEGRE

Statut commercial

Research agreement, exclusive or non exclusive licenses


Laboratoire de neurobiologie et diversité cellulaire, (UMR7637), Paris, France,



The process of producing a microfluidic device by photo-assisted and/or thermally assisted printing, comprises printing a photo-curable and/or heat-curable liquid resin disposed on a support using a stamp made of an elastomeric material, photo-irradiating the resin through the stamp to form a profiled base and lateral sides of the device forming a first motif, and placing a lid on the profiled base and irradiating the device and the lid to seal the device.


The process effectively, quickly and economically produces the microfluidic device with very good resolution and optical qualities in less consumption of time, and can able to study the flow of highly viscous fluids (10000 times more viscous than water).


The process of producing a microfluidic device by photo-assisted and/or thermally assisted printing is useful to implement a process of combinational chemistry and a protocol formulation, for screening high-speed and high content of reagents, for a study of rheological properties of the fluids, for culture, observation and study of living cells and for construction of DNA microarrays or protein microarrays. The photo-curable resin is used as adhesive, glue or surface coating, which is useful in an optical field.

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Les brevets les plus récents