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Process for clean modification of polysaccharides



Patents status

French patent application FR0208851 filed on July 12, 2002, entitled “Procédé pour l’obtention de polysaccharides modifiés”


Alexander SOROKIN

commercial status

Non-exclusive licenses and collaborative research


Institut des Recherches sur la Catalyse, a CNRS laboratory UPR 5401 in Lyon, France.



The invention describes a new catalytic process for the clean modification of polysaccharides obtained from renewable cheap raw materials (starch, cellulose, cellulose esters and ethers, inulin, guar gum, etc.) by oxidation with hydrogen peroxide. The conversion of polysaccharides is achieved via a one-pot process easy to scale up. The catalyst is cheap, available commercially and only minute amounts are required. The oxidation converts part of the alcohol functions to carboxylic and carbonyl functions whereby increasing the hydrophilic properties of the natural polysaccharides which make them suitable for various applications.


The oxidation of various polysaccharides has been developed at laboratory pilot scale (Kg), but the scaling up is very easy. The oxidation is run at near-room temperatures and atmospheric pressure and needs only conventional equipment available e.g. in the food industry. The oxidation is easy to control by adjusting the reaction parameters.


The one-pot chemical modification of natural polysaccharides leads to tailor-made products that can be used for several applications.

This process is simple, flexible and environmentally benign. Differently modified polysaccharides can be prepared in one step with yields close to 100%. The modified natural polymers do not have to undergo REACH registration.


Modified polysaccharides are used in several domains such as paper industry, painting and coating industry, adhesives and binders, detergents (phosphates substitutes), water absorbents, pharmaceutical industry (excipients and formulation compounds) and as food ingredients.

For further information, please contact us (Ref 85415-01)

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