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Method for secure transmission of data



Statut des brevets

French patent application FR0510787 filed on octobre 21th, 2005 and entitled “Procédé de transmission sécurisée de données”


William PUECH

Statut commercial

Research agreement, exclusive or non exclusive licenses


Laboratoire d’informatique, de robotique et de microélectronique de Montpellier (UMR5506), Montpellier, France,



The method involves initially fixing a global encryption key and encrypting a fragmentable file based on the key to form an encrypted file. The key is encrypted by an asymmetric encryption algorithm using a public key to obtain a global encrypted key. Values representing the encrypted key are inserted among fragments of the encrypted file to form another encrypted file that is transmitted. The file is encrypted by assigning a dynamic encrypting key to a current fragment and allocating, to value of the current fragment, a value which is function of initial value of the fragment and dynamic key.


The method permits to securely transmit the large size data file in a rapid and efficient manner. The method permits to securely transmit the data in a manner robust to noise and to data loss which is caused by a fraudulent interception of data packets . The method permits to encrypt the data file in a rapid manner and permits to commence the decryption at the reception before receiving the overall encrypted file.


Used for securely transmitting a data e.g. image, file fragmentable into a set of fragments across a network such as Internet.

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Les brevets les plus récents