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Omnidirectional resonant antenna



Statut des brevets

French patent application FR0107 546 filed on June 8th, 2001 (US 7 170 448)


Bernard JECKO
François TORRES

Statut commercial

Exclusive or non-exclusive licence Collaborative research


Laboratory XLIM, CNRS



This invention is a semi space/space omnidirectional resonant antenna having single electrical radiating conductor having three strips three different orientations formed producing omnidirectional radiation.

Main Claim (1)
Omnidirectional resonant antenna operating in a half-space or all of space having one single radiating electric conductor formed of at least three strands placed end to end, the length of each strand and the orientation of the strands with respect to one another contributing to determining the global radiation of the electric conductor, caracterised in that the strands are oriented in at least three different spatial directions and that the lengths of the strands are determined in such a manner as to obtain a global radiation of the omnidirectional electric conductor operating in a half-space or in all of space.


– Simplicity of the antenna formed with one single electrical conductor,
– Omnidirectional radiation pattern of the antenna in a half-space or in the mobile space,
– Possible operation: device with a plurality of omnidirectional resonant antennas capable of receiving and emitting at different wavelengths,
– No necessary means of calculation (computer,…).


Omniditectionnal antennas as for:

  • Telecoms indoor-outdoor applications,
    Detection presence detection,
    Meters applications

Example of radiation pattern

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