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New electroswitchable EDOT-based polymer with excellent adhesion properties



Statut des brevets

French priority patent application FR1053856 filed on May 19, 2010 and entitled “Composés organiques, procédés de préparation et utilisation en électronique”


Jean-Christophe LACROIX

Statut commercial

Exclusive or non-exclusive license




Immobilization of organic compounds (molecules, supramolecules, polymers) on insulated, metallic, semiconducting or carbon-based substrates offers a new generation of interfaces for applications such as organic electronic devices, biochips, biosensors…
Until now, organic compounds that have been developed to be used as thin layers on substrates do not fully offer satisfaction.
There is definitely a demand to offer new organic compounds compatible with any substrates able to form one or more layer on top of the substrate and whom manufacturing is easy, reproductible, economical and industry ready.


In the present work, the inventors have developed the following 3,4-ethylènedioxythiophene(EDOT)-based organic compounds:

These compounds show numerous benefits:

  • They are compatible with any substrates: insulated, metallic and semi-conducting;
  • They can form one or more layer on top of said substrates by grafting methods;
  • They can electroswitch from an insulated state to a conducting state while preserving excellent adhesion properties;
  • And its thickness is homogeneous and can be modulated from 1 to 100nm


The inventor have assessed on a laboratory scale:

  • The synthesis of said organic compounds;
  • Their properties including its electroswitching;
  • And their utilization in metal/molecule/metal junctions.

New compounds are currently being investigated.


The present organic compounds can be used as interfaces for organic electronic devices such as Organic Light Emitting Diodes, Organic Solar Cells, Organic Field Effect Transistor… but also for biochips and biosensors. Other applications includes: anticorrosion coatings, surfaces with switchable wetting properties, self-lubricating coatings, electrochromic coatings, intelligent coatings, adhesion primers.

Publication: Tetrahedron 69 (2013) 861-866 Synthesis of nitro- and amino-functionalized p conjugated oligomers incorporating 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT) units.

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