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Nanpoparticles synthesis



Patents status

Priority patent application FR09 55023 filed on July 20, 2009 and entitled “Synthèse de particules par thermohydrolyse de précurseurs minéraux.”


Frédéric Bernard
Frédéric Demoisson
Moustapha Ariane
Daniel Aymes
Hervé Muhr

commercial status

Exclusive or non-exclusive license, collaboration to test our particles




Nanopowders are of great interest due to their specific properties. There are various production routes but quality of the powders ie composition, size and size distribution, crystallography… may vary from one another.


The present invention relates to a method for continuously preparing mineral particles by means of the thermolysis of mineral precursors in an aqueous medium. The reactive flow (including mineral precursors) and the heat transfer flow (countercurrent) are put in contact and conveyed into a tubular reactor, inside of which particles are formed.
Control of the precursors quality as well as process parameters allow the control of the powders’ quality

The powders may also be functionalized online in the same equipment (iron oxide for medical imaging known as USPIO, for example, have been produced)


Samples are regularly produced; the quality of our powders has been reported as higher than commercial ones.
New equipments shall allow a production of 50g -100g lots in Q2 2016 (limitation for the moment linked to post treatment of the solutions obtained )
Mixing with other material and compaction or sintering also possible.


  • Continuous process
  • Homogenous and controlled composition and morphology.
  • Monodisperse powders
  • Sizes are smaller than 500 nm, and more particularly smaller than 100 nm.
  • Nanoparticles produced in aqueous solution : no free powders  to handle (but may be dried and mixed with other components on demand)


Cosmetic, Electronics, Ballistic, Medical imaging, energy
Material reinforcement (Metal/ ceramic  Matrix Composites)

For further information, please contact us (Ref 02665-01)

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