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Microstructured substrate



Patents status

Priority patent of invention n° FR13 59717 filed in October 7, 2013, entitled "Substrat microstructuré”


Christophe LETHIEN 
Nathalie ROLLAND 
Thierry BROUSSE 

commercial status

Exclusive or non-exclusive license


Institut de Microélectronique du Nord, (IEMN UMR8520) Lille, France.
Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel (IMN, UMR6502), Nantes, France



The aim of this invention is to provide a 3D microstructured substrate for all solid state batteries (but also for supercapacitor). 3D substrate has a higher specific surface than a planar substrate.
In the state of the art, structured substrate are 2D substrates (trenches or valleys, pillars for example).
The invention proposes to use 3D hollowed structures with a high aspect ratio. 


Substrate are classic substrate for microelectronic. According to its nature the manufacturing process is adapted (for example the Bosch process can be used with Si but not with other materials) Examples of microstructures obtained are shown hereunder.
The structure has been optimized to obtain the best results


High Aspect ration allowing higher energy density.
Tests made in half cell with standard microstructured substrate (pillars) and planar substrate demonstrates an enhancement of performances with such 3D structures substrate.
Maximal intensity is 10X higher than on a planar substrate and 4X higher than with a standard structured substrate (pillars) at same voltage.
Surface capacity is at least 20X higher of maximal value obtained with a planar substrate. 


This invention can be used to manufacturing all solid-state microbatteries or supercapacitore.

For further information, please contact us (Ref 06341-01)

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