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Method and installation for acousto-optical imaging of breast cancer



Patents status

French patent application FR0406592 filed on June 17th, 2004 entitled “Procédé et installation d’imagerie opto-acoustique”


Michel GROSS
François RAMAZ
Philippe DELAYE
Claude-Abert BOCCARA

commercial status

Exclusive or non-exclusive licenses


Laboratoire de spectroscopie en lumière polarisée, (UPR5), Paris, France,



The method involves generating vibration of a zone by applying a sound wave to an object. A pump light wave coherent with an incident light wave at a frequency equal to a frequency of an acousto-optical component is generated. A complex index network is graved in a refractive photo crystal by applying signal and pump light waves to the material. A digital parameter relative to light intensity is obtained from the network. 


The method permits to obtain the image of the object with good quality and at reduced time so as to ensure the screening of the breast cancer. The complex index network is graved in the refractive photo crystal by applying the signal and pump light waves, thus avoiding speckle decorrelation noise caused by un-marked component of the signal light wave. The method permits to utilize a rapid detector such as photodiode at the time of the reading of the photo crystal. 


Used for acousto-optical imaging of an object e.g. living biological tissues such as a part of a human body or animal, for screening breast cancer.

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