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Composite cement phosphates mixed calcium strontium/injectable microparticles plaga like substitute



Statut des brevets

French patent application FR0404714 filed on May 03rd, 2004 entitled “Composition pour ciment injectable, utile comme substitut osseux”


Michel VERT

Statut commercial

Exclusive or non-exclusive licenses and collaborative research


• Laboratoire de Chimie Général et Minéral, Montpellier University, France.
• Centre de Recherche sur les Biopolymères Artificiels, a CNRS laboratory (UMR 5473) Montpellier, France



The present invention is an injectable hydraulic cement in particular made up of CaHPO4,2H2O, CaO and strontium carbonate, and composite material containing microparticles of a biodegradable polymer (PLAGA) as filler. Due to their composition, these two products are bioactive, bioresorbable and release strontium ions promoting osteogenesis.

They are radio opaque; this allows a follow-up of interventions of osseous fillings. They present a weak expansion during the setting which makeit possible to get a better contact cement-bone. They are finally prepared with commercial and cheap products.

Due to its excellent filling rate and setting rate, the cement is an perfect candidate for vertebroplasty.

The composite material can be also injected. The PLAGA microspheres, by fast degradation, give a structure with inter-connected macrospores enhancing the cement resorption and osseous rebuilding. Cause of its specific composition, this composite material present, due to the presence of the polymer before its degradation, good mechanical properties.


This innovation is particularly interesting for the following fields of biomedical: orthopaedic and maxilla-facial surgery, vertebral surgery, odontology, plastic surgery, cancerology.

For further information, please contact us (Ref 86412-01)

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