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Human GP190 receptor



Patents status

Protected by laboratory know-how


J-F. Moreau, J-L. Taupin and V.Pitard

commercial status

Non-exclusive know-how licenses


“Immunomodulation par les médiateurs de l’inflammation (IMI)” laboratory, a CNRS laboratory (UMR5140), now called UMR5164, in the Victor Segalen university, Bordeaux 2, France.



The present invention relates to the production and the characterization of several hybridomas which produce monoclonal anti-human GP190 receptor antibodies. Antibodies were obtained using recombinant chimeric or truncated proteins produced in a eukaryotic CHO line. The gp190 transmembrane protein belongs to the hematopoietin family of receptors and is the low affinity receptor for the cytokine Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF). The inventors also developed an ELISA assay to quantify the soluble gp190 receptor, which is naturally produced and retrieved in human biological fluids.


This innovation could be used as a research reagent for the study of the biology of LIF and also of all the other cytokines sharing gp190 as a component of their signal transducing receptor. Diagnosis or therapeutic applications could be possible.

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