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Ferrofluids stable in neutral media and ferrofluids employing surface modified particles



Patents status

French patent application FR0306279 filed on May 23rd, 2003 and entitled “Aqueous dispersions of magnetic iron oxide particles, surface modified by covalently grafting amino groups, useful as MRI contrast agents stable against agglomeration at neutral pH”


Stéphane MORNET

commercial status

Exclusive or non-exclusive licenses


Institut de chimie de la matière condensée de Bordeaux » (I.C.M.C.B), a CNRS laboratory (UPR9048) in Bordeaux, France.



The invention relates to aqueous dispersions, comprising particles based on a magnetic iron oxide with dimensions of </= 20 nm, the surface of which is modified by the grafting of aminated groups R with a covalent bonding to the surface of said particles, wherein the isoelectronic point of particles with such a modified surface is >/= 10. The invention further relates to a method for production of said aqueous suspensions and a method for modification of the surface of the particles present in said dispersions, in particular, by the immobilisation of polysaccharides such as dextrans, particularly for the formulation of magnetic compositions which may be administered in vivo and in particular for the formulation of injectable compositions of contrast agents for MRI.


The application relates to new formulation of injectable composition which can be use as contrast agents for MRI.

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