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Elastomer membranes for CO2 separation



Statut des brevets

French patent application FR0011811 filed on September 15, 2000 and entitled “Membrane pour la separation selective gazeuse”


Philippe GRAMAIN
José Grégorio SANCHEZ

Statut commercial

Exclusive or non-exclusive licenses and collaborative research


Laboratoire d’Hétérochimie Moléculaire et Macromoléculaire (LHMM, UMR5076) and the Institut Européen des Membranes in Montpellier (IEMM, UMR5635) France



The invention describes new polymer membranes developed to separate carbon dioxide from other gases. These membranes are elastomers formed of crosslinked copolymers of high molecular weights. They are easily prepared as thin films by extrusion or casting. They demonstrate unique permeability properties for carbon dioxide (up to 100 Barrer) together with high selectivity towards H2, O2, N2 and CH4. These elastomers have the following exceptional properties:
– copolymers are elastomers with low transition temperatures in the range -60/- 40°C ; they are thermally stable up to 250°C
– very thin membranes (5-10 microns) can be easily prepared by extrusion, solvent casting or impregnation
– the membranes are hydrophilic; the introduction of hydrophobic comonomers provides regulation of water absorption. The copolymers are biodegradable, non-toxic and biocompatible.


Applications include : food packaging, natural or industrial gas’ treatment of confined atmospheres (airplane cabins, air conditioned rooms), decarbonation of gases used in fuel cells, biomass treatment, medical uses.

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Les brevets les plus récents