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Dynamical diamond anvill cell



Patents status

French patent application FR1003368 filed on August 13th, 2010 and entitled “Cellule à enclumes, notamment susceptible de fonctionner en mode dynamique”






A diamond anvil cell (DAC) is a system that allows compressing a small (sub-millimeter sized) piece of material to pressure and temperature conditions into a gasket (metallic in most of the cases) placed between the two anvils. Pressure can exceed 3,000,000 atmospheres (300 gigapascals).

Among experiences one can cite creating the pressure existing  deep inside the Earth, studying mater at extreme conditions, i.e. phases not observed under ambiant conditions. Various measurements can be performed during the experiment like raman, infrared of X-rays spectroscopies… One important limitation to this equipments is due to a generally static functionning. Although a dynamic equipment has been proposed in 2007 by WJ Evans, this allows only small decreases of pressure. The joint placed between the two anvils as well as other parts of the cell, in particular metallic ones, are deformed and consequently the pressure really exercised between anvils varies without control; a misalignment of anvils can also provoke their damage, and even lead to their break.


In order to avoid such limitations of DAC, the equipment proposed here consists of a diamond support laterally fixed during use, a mobile deck and at least one piezoelectric actuator. A convenient design of the system allows to dynamically control the real pressure applied to the sample loaded in the cell and the alignment of the diamonds.


* Dynamical variation (+ or -) of pressure
Continuous control of the real pressure in the cell
Supression of hysteresis effects
* Control of misalignment of diamonds during the process  


* Production of new materials
* R&D

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