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Device for detection of the disintegrating radioisotopes in biological tissue



Statut des brevets

Frenche patent application FR0707176 filed on December 10th, 2007 entitled: “Dispositif de détection de la désintégration de radioisotopes dans un tissu biologique” granted on May 11, 2012


Philippe LANIECE

Statut commercial

Research agreement, exclusive or non exclusive licenses


Laboratoire d’imagerie et modélisation en neurobiologie et cancérologie (IMNC), (UMR8165), Paris, France,



The development of increasingly important animal models mimicking human diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases or tumor, has opened new opportunities in research in fields as diverse as toxicology, pharmacology, or even molecular biology.


The invention is an implantable device in the brain of a particular animal for the detection of radiation emitted by spontaneous disintegration of a radioisotope, wherein an implantable sensor-shaped needle, made in material semi driver and a basic set of detectors. The device also includes a set of amplifier circuits, formatting, counting and transmission distance wireless, which are related to elementary and detectors which are intended to be worn by the animal, that being awake and freedom of movement.


Using a sensor material semi driver implanted inside the body of the animal allows a direct conversion of energy radiation resulting from the disintegration of a measurable electrical current in situ.


The device according to the invention is intended in particular for the detection of radiation β+ ,β- ou α to analyze the distribution and setting a radiotraceur in tissues with a temporal resolution of the order of second.

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