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Antenna multifunction





Patents status

French patent application FR0107939 filed on June 18th, 2001 (US 7 129 899)


Bernard JECKO
François TORRES

commercial status

Exclusive or non-exclusive licence Collaborative research


Laboratory , CNRS



The aim of this invention is to improve the structures both in terms of operating effectiveness, in particular ways of matching the antenna and a generator, and in terms of overall size.

The antenna combines a plurality of radiating elements each capable of operating in transmission or in reception at its natural mode at frequencies that are different and independent, without increasing the overall volume of the antenna compared with dispositions known in the prior art. The present invention thus makes it possible to obtain an antenna of relatively small size compared with its working wavelength(s).

Main Claim (1)

An antenna characterized in that it comprises

– a generator and at least two metal surfaces that are mutually parallel and substantially superposed;
– at least one of the surfaces being split into at least two concentric portions constituting a central portion and a strip surrounding the central portion;
– said at least two portions being interconnected by one or more conductive strips or wires;
– the at least two superposed surfaces being interconnected by at least one conductive wire or strip;
– and the at least two portions of the split surface including a portion connected to a first terminal of the generator and a portion connected to a second terminal of the generator;

This structure imparting multifunctional behavior to the antenna.

– that means multiband with a specific radiation pattern in each band.


  • – Easy ways of matching the antenna and a generator;
    – Small overall size (similar to classical wire-plate antenna sizes);
    – Multifunction antennas (for example coupling a directive radiation pattern with an omnidirectional one).


Multifunction antenna as:

  • – Mobile communications systems (combining GSM, GPS, . . . );
    – telemetry applications;
    – LAN and PAN networks


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