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CNRS Innovation, established 1992, is a French public limited company, now a subsidiary of the CNRS at 70% and 30% Bpifrance Financement. Hardly of 25 years of experience in the support and the transfer to the industry of innovative technologies, we help you to build your projects: from the evaluation of your technologies to the elaboration of the strategy of exploitation by way of the analysis of the intellectual property.



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Our values

  • Accessibility

    Always available to guide you through the demanding ecosystem of innovation

  • Ambition

    Our goal is to support you to create value to your compagny benefit.

  • Agility

    Our dynamism and our transversality are our main advantages to fit your projects.

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    Technologies management

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    Contracts management

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    Patent famillies management

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    Subsidiary of CNRS

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    Subsidiary of BPI

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    Dedicated to your projects

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CNRS Innovation

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